Social Responsibility

The social responsibility of Sword Security is one of the main drivers in the day-to-day business activities of the principals.

Not only are we committed to employing people of all race, gender and religions; we actively promote this mix of individuals just because it is a reflection of our society and provides the organizing client with a better product.

We are committed to paying our staff in accordance with the promises we made them and at a wage level, which is on par with the rest of our industry, on time.

We will train our people to become better in their work and thus enhance their pride and their happiness.

We will recruit our people from the local community to limit our carbon footprint but also to financially support the local community.

Whenever we engage with a global-reach event we will strive to leave a long-term legacy, not just in terms of memories of pride and accomplishment, but foremost in the sense of a workforce which has improved skills and motivation, for the better of the event industry in that area.

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