Sword Security is fully committed to promoting a sustainable environment and actively support the sustainable aspirations of her clients.

To this effect Sword Security are registered with SEDEX, and expect of their suppliers that they will be SEDEX registered as well. With a growing concern for our environment, Sword Security have implemented a systematic approach to supervising the event environment. The Health, Safety and well being of all persons either on site or off site are of equal importance and so is consideration for our direct environment. Sword Security obviously comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations in this field.

We are continuously building on previous global-reach events experience to further our performance in this field. To further this experience we are committed to listening to and working with all event stakeholders.

The practicalities start with a commitment to leave no physical trace of our work, leaving no waste and restoring our environment to how we found it. As part of our work we will pay particular attention to preventing any environmental incidents. We promote safe fuel transfer for vehicles on site, will control the correct removal of catering waste etcetera, ensuring the negative local bio-diversity impact is minimized on the principle of “leave no trace”.

On a more fundamental level, we pride ourselves in working with local manpower and local business, bringing capital back into the local community and minimizing the carbon footprint of our activities, inclusive of the promotion of reused materials.

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