Crowd Management

Controlling a crowd is one thing. Managing a crowd something entirely different.

We at Sword Security do not want to make a standardized product out of our activities. One size fits all does not work in our industry. Profiling the event, the audience and the venue itself always leads to a security management plan fit for the task. Our management plan will go far beyond the numbers of staff, but will lead to a dedicated structure, solid channels of communications, expert briefings as to security-visitor relationships and most important of all, always remembering we are there as hosts on behalf of the organiser, making people feel welcome and safe at your event on your behalf.

Having looked at the risk of the event, we will then look at establishing our managerial needs towards representing you as hosts and how crowd control can become integrated as the crucial spear-point of our activities, from the permanent vigilance throughout the event to decisive calm action when the crowd or individuals are at risk.

Sword can analyse your crowd flows, capacities and site design to ensure your chosen venue is safe and fit for purpose.

Sword staff are committed to the safety and security of the event itself and of your guests, with a smile and comfort inspiring confidence.


Every venue is unique. Sword put the time into reviewing and assessing your individual venue to ensure the most appropriate planning and staffing levels.

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Green Field Sites

The risks and troubles of green field sites are well known to most readers of this website.

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Corporate Events Security

Sometimes our role is more subdued, needs to have some more class and yet at the same time perhaps the risk is greater.

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