Event Labourers

Event Labouring is physically demanding and you need a team of skilled experts

Event labourers are used by a wide variety of event companies and organizations. Our skilled workers might take on many different tasks, like setting up and inspecting equipment, documenting work, checking products, shipping, receiving, loading, and more. Much of the work undertaken by event labourers requires physical strength, safety consciousness, and great attention to detail. In addition our event labourers sometimes work in harsh and dangerous conditions, like in the extreme cold and heat or in enclosed spaces. They might work up to 14 hours a day and they might work with hazardous materials and dangerous equipment. It’s a tough job and it requires the right type of person to be able to perform duties safely and efficiently and Sword have the team for you.

So when you need to find and hire event labourers quickly, you might have a tough time finding a team that fits the bill. Hiring the wrong team can lead to increased risks and liabilities and reduced productivity, so it’s critical that you do not rush through the hiring process because you’re under a time crunch and it’s important that you do not hire the wrong team, our team have a wealth of experience having worked at events such as the 2016 NBA All-Stars, MLS Cup Finals 2016/17, NHL World Cup of Hockey and many more high profile events and locations. Contact us for a quotation today.

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